Games for Lovers

Games for Lovers is an almost immersive production at The Vaults theatre in the heart of Waterloo. Almost immersive because it almost feels as if the characters are speaking to you. Because we’ve all been there. We’ve all been in the dating spiral that just seems to go down and down and down until you meet a character like Wham! (his real name is Darren) and find yourself receiving dating advice from him.
Needles to say that he is not the kind of guy that has much luck with the ladies and his dating games are miles off the mark to say the least. Nevertheless, he manages to find himself entangled in a love triangle with his best mate Logan, Logan’s girlfriend Jenny and Logan’s best friend Martha (who has been stuck in the friend zone for more than 10 years ouch).
The play makes for a fun night out with flashy lights, techno music, vibrant colours, actual games, scooters and loads of relatable moments – if you are a millenial trying to navigate through the world of dating.

Games for Lovers by Ryan Craig

The Vaults Theatre
Launcelot Street

Run Time: 2 hours + 15 minute interval


Directed by Anthony Banks
Set by Simon Scullion
Costume by Susan Kulkami
Lighting by Matt Haskins
Sound by Ben and Max Ringham
Casting by Danielle Tarento


Calum Callaghan as Logan
Evanna Lynch as Martha
Tessie Orange-Turner as Jenny
Billy Postlewaite as Darren

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